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Poster: HappySwordsman Date: Aug 26, 2014 1:40pm
Forum: classic_tv Subject: The Trouble with Father - A Very Rainy Day

I like this episode, as I mention on the page for it, because of the rain sound that occurs during it. I also like the sets. I know the Willie Best character is a very dated stereotype, but it could be worse. One of the more unusual aspects of the episode is an early attempt at product placement, where boxes of Kix, Cheerios, Wheaties and other General Mills products can be seen in a store....product placement wasn't as common in the early 1950s as it would be in certain other decades.

In case anyone is interest, I uploaded to YouTube a video of my record player playing a 1969 track called "A Hole in the Ground" by Bobby and Laurie. It's a novelty comedy song, very silly:

I hope these YouTube links don't come across as spam. I just thought people might find them interesting. I have coming in the mail a 1958 45rpm single with Australian singer Ernie Sigley covering two Ricky Nelson tracks, "It's Late" and "Never Be Anyone Else But You". As I've stated before, a lot of Australian pop music of the 1950s consisted of covers of US tracks. Ernie Sigley at the time was known for the 1957-1958 series "Teenage Mailbag" (aired in Melbourne only) and appeared for a while on "The Teenage Hour" (also Melbourne only). In later years he was a host of a number of variety and talk shows. However, whether I upload a video of my record player playing the single depends on the condition of the record, and I do hope the video isn't blocked by the copyright holder.